MEng from the National Technical University Of Athens, Greece

MA in Adult Learning and Global Change from Linköping University, Sweden

Address: Koritsas 11. 8010, Paphos, Cyprus
Tel. Work: 00357-26222131

• I was born 17 April 1962.
• May 1980: I finished the secondary school and passed the examinations to enter the university in Greece.
• July 1980-September 1982: I serviced my compulsory military service in the National Army of Cyprus for 26 months.
• September 1982: I started my studies in the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) as a Mechanical Engineer.
• July 1989: I finished my studies in the NTUA. I finished with the title of Mechanical Engineer, the studies being equivalent to 300 ECTS credits i.e. a European MEng degree.

o During my studies I focused in the use of computers in mechanical engineering. (Programming in FORTRAN, Numerical Analysis, Computational Fluid Mechanics, Automatic control, Thermal turbomachines (projects for the calculation of such machines using numerical methods). In my research dissertation I developed a new algorithm in Pascal programming language for the optimization of the volume of a planetary gearbox)

• 1989: Returned permanently in Cyprus.
• 1990-1998: I worked in the Government Institute for Further Education (Paphos branch) as a teacher of computers for groups of adults and pupils (ages 13-18). More specifically:

o I taught MS-DOS and Wordperfect, Lotus 1-2-3, dBASE IV, Programming with BASIC, Windows and EXCEL. o I prepared students for the LCCI computer examinations
o I prepared students for the KEBE examinations (examinations for WORD and EXCEL of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce)
o I prepared students for the English academic examinations GCE OL and GCE AL in Computer science.

• 1998-today: I own an academy of informatics where:

o I prepare adults and students (ages 12-18) for the ECDL (European Computer Driving License) exams. I teach Basic concepts of Informatics, Windows, Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, and Internet for these examinations.
o I prepare students for the Cyprus Government official examination in Informatics for entrance in the Cyprus and Greek Universities. The preparation use to include the Pascal programming language and System Analysis; As of 2017 it includes C++.
o I teach students the programming languages Visual Basic, Pascal and C++ and prepare them for the respective examinations of the Cyprus Computer Society
o I prepare students for the GCE AL Computer science examinations (only 1998-2001)
o I organize professional computer seminars. I have organized such seminars for teachers of primary and secondary education, bank employees, a group of employees of the Paphos Airport, the management group of SEK Trade Union (Paphos branch) and employees of the Cyprus Electricity Authority.
o I teach AutoCAD and Web page editing and prepare students for the respective ECDL exams.
o I design courses for teachers' professional development and deliver them as KA1 ERASMUS+ courses, for example:

“Managing the fast technological change, for all educators”

"Language learning in the era of Globalization and the Internet"

"Classical studies in the era of Globalization and the Internet"

"English through technology"

"Gestionar el rápido cambio tecnológico, para todos los educadores"

o I deliver private computer lessons on demand usually to university students and foreigners that live permanently in our area or immigrants who need IT skills for employment.

• Aug 2013 – June 2015: MA in Adult Learning and Global Change from Linköping University, Sweden. Title of thesis: TEACHERS IN THE ERA OF ACCELERATION: How the acceleration of ICT developments influences the ICT use by teachers at school.(Full text available on the University site)

• During the years 1998-today I have attended a number of seminars myself:

o A specialized seminar by the ECDL (Cyprus) with exams at the end. With this seminar I have become an ECDL Certified Training Professional.
o A train the trainer seminar for an Accounting program.
o A train the trainer seminar to become educator and assessor for the series of courses “Digital Creator”. This is a series of courses of the British Computer Society.
o A webinar by CISCO to become an educator for the course “IT Essentials: PC hardware and Software” with an exam at the end.
o I passed the ECDL exams for AutoCAD.
o I passed the ECDL exams for Web Editing.
o Six e-learning courses on religious subjects, delivered in Spanish, organized by the University of Balamand, Faculty of Theology.
o The following MOOCs:

-Big History on Coursera
-Scientific Humanities with Bruno Latour on the FUN platform
-Soyez acteurs du Web on the FUN platform
-Sprachtechnologie in den Digital Humanities on Coursera

• I am a member of the Cyprus Computer Society since 1992.

• Languages

o My mother tongue is Greek
o I am fluent in English.
o I am fluent in Spanish.
o I speak intermediate level French although my reading ability is at an academic level.
o I have an advanced reading ability in Portuguese but I don’t speak the language.
o I am at an intermediate level in Norwegian and German
o I teach in Greek, English and Spanish.

• Research interests

o The Social Acceleration theory of Hartmut Rosa
o The ideas of Michel Serres in the Philosophy and History of science
o Languages in the era of globalization and the Internet
o MOOCs as a new paradigm of learning

Personal experimentations - Pages I create as a means of exploring different technologies and platforms.