ERASMUS+ KA1 courses

Managing the fast technological change, for all educators

In English

29/04 - 04/05/2019

It is a global problem and a real problem in Europe, now, that technology advances in a pace so fast that is hard to incorporate the new knowledge and products into our jobs, our everyday life and especially into education, be it public, private, formal, informal, for adults or for the young. As Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is an essential tool in the work of any teacher/trainer of today, this seminar seeks to address the problem of the fast changes that happen in the ICT sector and aims at providing practical solutions as to how a contemporary teacher/trainer should cope with this problem. More specifically this course aims to: -help the participants understand the phenomenon of the fast technological change and its consequences. -provide them with a certain plan to cope with the problem as individuals. -provide them with a certain plan to cope with the problem as professional teachers/trainers. -focus on certain changes of ICT that we experience today and are expected to affect the education sector soon. -help the participants develop a cultural, ethical and philosophical point of view towards the technological change.

Target audience

Teachers (Pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs) Teacher trainers Careers officers, educational guides and counselors Inspectors Headteachers/principals/managers of schools/organizations offering adult education Other (Paid or voluntary) management staff in the institution/organisation Non-teaching administrative staff Members of students/teachers councils in adult education


Mr Georgios Charalambous will be the instructor of this course. Mr Charalambous has a rich experience in teaching ICT to students of all ages. He holds an Engineering degree from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece and an MA in Adult Learning and Global Change from the Linköping University, Sweden (2015). Title of thesis: TEACHERS IN THE ERA OF ACCELERATION: How the acceleration of ICT developments influences the ICT use by teachers at school.(Full text available on the University site here)

Language of the seminar


Program of seminar (Please note that this is a 6-days seminar)

Day 1 8.30-14.00 Introduction: Present the participants. Present the content of the course. Define the problem of fast technological change and present its consequences. Presentations by the participants: What is the situation in their country / work place? Practical session.

DAY 2 8.30-14.00 What can we do at a personal level? The teacher/trainer as a key person in this new era. The use of IT in personal everyday life. A certain plan is presented and analyzed. Practical session. 16.00: Cultural event: Guided visit to the Paphos main archaeological area.

DAY 3 8.30-14.00 What can we do in the school environment? How to certify the continuous update of the knowledge for the teachers. A certain plan is presented and analyzed. Practical session.

DAY 4 8.30-14.00 Focus on certain technological changes that happen fast and will soon affect education on all levels: e-books, e-learning and blended, open education (MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses), informal, non-formal education, libraries in the digital era. Practical session.

DAY 5 8.30-14.00 Disruptive technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the classroom. How creativity is affected. AI and its multi-level implications in the educational sector. Practical session.

DAY 6 8.30-14.00 Cultural, ethical, philosophical reflections on the fast technological change. Practical session. Discussion and conclusions. General discussion and Evaluation of the course.

Special attention is given throughout the course for the acquisition of certain practical skills. Therefore, during the practical session of each day, participants use the latest technologies such as cloud technologies, online tools for the teacher / student collaboration and tools for a modern and innovative teaching.

Cost of seminar

420 euros per participant (70 euros/day/participant)

Practical details

The cost of the seminar includes coffee breaks and the archaeological Park entrance fee. The cost of the lunches is not included. Lunches, hotel/apartment and travelling from/to airports are the responsibility of the participants.

Please follow this link to learn about air transport, bus, and taxi in order to reach us more easily. Some hotel recommendations are also included.

In case of disabled participants please contact us