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Artificial Intelligence in education: a practical approach

In English




Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a big game-changer in many areas like business, social media, and especially in education. Our course is here to help teachers get up to speed with digital tech and understand how to use AI. Join us in this exciting course! We'll cover AI's history and how it fits with Europe's big goals in digital tech, green initiatives, and inclusion. You'll learn about AI in different ways: how it's used in teaching, in tools like ChatGPT, in creating art and music, and even in outdoor learning. We also talk about how AI affects society, including important stuff like ethics and legal issues. This course is all about giving teachers the know-how to use AI in their classes in cool and useful ways. It's perfect for getting on board with the latest in teaching tech. Come along and see how AI can change the way you teach!

Learning objectives

At the end of this course the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the current state of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Explain the social impact of AI
  • Analyze the ethical considerations in AI
  • Develop and edit text and image using the latest AI digital tools
  • Develop and edit sound and video using the latest AI digital tools
  • Apply the SAMR method to design lesson plans
  • Critically accept the technological changes in AI, IoT and Big Data
  • Embrace the new role of educators in a complex and instable world

Program of course

Day 1 8.30-14.00
Welcome presentation.
Presentation of the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
1. Historical development of AI
2. Analysis of the main European goals: Digital, Green, Inclusion and their relation to AI.
3. The European Digital Competence Framework and its relation with Artificial Intelligence. SELFIE for teachers.
Practical session
Present an overview of AI applications

Day 2 8.30-14.00
Using AI with Outdoor learning (includes outdoor visit).
Practical session
1. ChatGPT
2. Automated Text creation
2. AI in literature
3. How teachers and students can use ChatGPT

Day 3 8.30-14.00
AI as a result of accelerated technological change
Students, AI and the basic skills for the 21st century
Coexisting with the AI: teaching the human condition
Practical session: Creativity in machines
1. AI in image creation
2. AI in Art

Day 4 8.30-14.00
AI and society
AI and Ethics
Legal problems with AI
Practical session: Creativity in machines
1. Music composition
2. Use human-machine collaboration in a full creative project

Day 5 8.30-14.00
Practical session
1. Video creation with AI
AI in education
1. AI for an inclusive education
2. Using AI as part of the digitalization of the school
AI and society
1. Implications on labor and economy
2. AI and the Environment
Evaluation of the course

Target audience

Teachers and trainers (primary, secondary, vocational, adult).


Mr Georgios Charalambous will be the principal instructor of this course. Mr Charalambous has a rich experience in teaching ICT to students of all ages. He holds an Engineering degree from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece and an MA in Adult Learning and Global Change from the Linköping University, Sweden.

Language of the seminar


Cost of seminar

400 euros per participant (80 euros/day/participant)

Practical details

The cost of the seminar includes coffee breaks. The cost of the lunches is not included. Lunches, hotel/apartment and travelling from/to airports are the responsibility of the participants.

Please follow this link to learn about air transport, bus, and taxi in order to reach us more easily. Some hotel recommendations are also included.

In case of disabled participants please contact us