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Welcome to our blog

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enter image description here Welcome to my blog!

This blog is created as a space to express thoughts on all things technology but especially on the subject of ICT in education. The blog will, in a second role, be a kind of support for the courses that we provide to teachers under the ERASMUS+ program.

Working with teachers and adults coming from all possible professions for more than 20 years, the everyday contact with the problems of technology regarding its use by adults has given us many opportunities to reflect; reflect on what is our purpose after all when we say that we use ICT. Too much food for thought actually as technology is a very vivid phenomenon; it is changing all the time; it is running fast; it is in fact accelerating! OK, so let’s try to follow the hard rhythms but differently: not by running but rather by thinking. This is actually our suggestion to you as a modern teacher: Stop running; Start thinking!

Welcome on board!