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Digital Marketing for educators

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Why Digital Marketing for educators?

It is often said that marketing is to selling what plowing is to planting. With marketing you prepare the earth, the soil in such a way that the seeds planted will give much fruit. This is why marketing has always been a main part of a business life by promoting products and services and projecting the company’s ideas and values. But if this is its role then is more than suitable for education; much more so, in today’s digital world!

In the highly interactive modern world, schools often need to communicate their ideas, plans, efforts or even difficulties. Individual teachers frequently find themselves responsible for projects in the school or in ERASMUS+ programs. These projects need to be documented and promoted, showed to wider audiences and disseminated to a variety of message receivers.

The experience of business digital marketing can surely equip a modern educator and the school with valuable tools. This is exactly what this course aims at.

What will you learn in this course?

At a practical level we will explore static, dynamic and interactive technologies to promote your ideas, projects, personal profile or the school as an organization i.e. we will show you how:

  • To use the latest tools in developing content
    • Text
    • Image
    • Sound
    • Videos
    • You will then be able to make an ad, a banner, a poster, a podcast, a promoting video.
  • To develop a presence on the Internet
    • Website
    • Blog
    • Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
    • Youtube
  • To develop a mobile application in order to integrate all previous elements for a project or for the school
  • To start and manage promotion campaigns in Google and Facebook

At a theoretical level we will:

  • Discuss the theoretical foundations of digital communication
  • Underline the possible problems and obligations that come up when you use the Internet
  • Help you deepen your understanding of online security issues especially those concerning children
  • Present the GDPR law that will take effect in Europe soon (25 May 2018) where schools as personal data collectors have special obligations.

And because learning never stops…

  • We will show you how to continue your learning about digital marketing using todays’ Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Who should take this course?

Teachers (Pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs) Teacher trainers Careers officers, educational guides and counselors Inspectors Headteachers/principals/managers of schools/organizations offering adult education Other (Paid or voluntary) management staff in the institution/organisation Non-teaching administrative staff Members of students/teachers councils in adult education


Mr Georgios Charalambous will be the principal instructor of this course. Mr Charalambous has a rich experience in teaching ICT to students of all ages. He holds an Engineering degree from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece and an MA in Adult Learning and Global Change from the Linköping University, Sweden.

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Duration and Cost of seminar

This is a 5-days seminar. The cost is 80€/person/day which means 400€ per participant. The cost is fully covered by ERASMUS+ KA1 actions.

Practical details

The cost of the seminar includes coffee breaks. The cost of the lunches is not included. Lunches, hotel/apartment and travelling from/to airports are the responsibility of the participants.

Please follow this link to learn about air transport, bus, and taxi in order to reach us more easily. Some hotel recommendations are also included.

In case of disabled participants please contact us