Our Institute was established in September 1998 and since then we provide high standard training in ICT to adults and pupils, individuals and organizations. We are a Private Educational Institute licensed by the Ministry of Education of Cyprus and a licensed ECDL teaching and examining center. Since 2014 we are an ERASMUS+ course provider, registered in the European Database of participants with OID E10155332.

ERASMUS+ KA1 courses we currently offer (click here for the details):
  • Digital competences for educators
  • Competencias digitales para educadores
  • Le numérique à l’école : un cours pour tous les enseignants
  • Green education: a project-based interdisciplinary approach
  • English through technology
  • Classical studies in the era of Globalization and the Internet
  • Outdoor Learning
  • L'apprentissage en plein air (Outdoor Learning)
  • From multicultural to intercultural classrooms
  • Digital Marketing for educators

Courses we offer for pupils (primary, secondary education), college and university students, professionals and adult learners (click here for the details):
  • ECDL Core examination
  • The seven modules of ECDL:Word, PP, Excel, Computer essentials, Online essentials, Access, Web Editing or Image Editing
  • ECDL-Web Editing
  • How to construct web pages
  • University entrance examinations
  • C++ programming for the Ministry of Education of Cyprus exams
  • Programming in C, C++, C#, Python, Pascal, FORTRAN, Visual Basic, SQL, HTML/CSS
  • Preparation for the Cyprus Computer Society exams
  • Professional ICT seminars on demand according to customers' needs
  • Teachers' ICT education
  • Computer and Internet essentials for recreational purposes to adult learners

In our training courses blended learning is used, combining the advantages of the latest developments in e-learning and traditional teaching.