Welcome to our Institute

Our mission:

To provide high quality relevant technology courses to Cypriot and European organizations.

Our Vision:

To help people, in our country and beyond, understand technology as a defining element of our times.


Our Institute was established in September 1998 and since then it provides high standard training in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to adults and pupils, individuals and organizations. We are a Private Educational Institute licensed by the Ministry of Education of Cyprus and a licensed ECDL teaching and examining centre. We are also an ERASMUS+ course provider, registered in the European Database of participants with OID E10155332.


From the very beginning, VET and Adult Education was the main axis of our activities. We organize seminars for the staff of major companies and Trade Unions and prepare them for the ECDL exams. We also provide private lessons to adults who want to re-enter the job market or change profession. And as the technology penentration level continues to improve in our country too, we often teach seniors who want to use technology for personal and entertainment purposes.


As of 2014 we provide European professional development seminars under the ERASMUS Program. Our aim is to continually enhance our presence into the European educational sector through the current ERASMUS+ program where we feel confident to contribute with our 25 years' experience in the field of ICT training.


As for pupils, during our first years we taught GCE AL Computing alongside the ECDL. Since the school year 2002-03, however, when informatics were included in the entrance examinations for the universities of Cyprus and Greece, preparing students for entrance examinations remains a main pillar of our activities.


MEng from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece

MA in Adult Learning and Global Change from Linköping University, Sweden

  • 1990-1998: Worked in the Government Institute for Further Education (Paphos branch) as a teacher of computers
  • 1998-today: Created and operates this academy of informatics
  • Member of the Cyprus Computer Society since 1992
  • He teaches in Greek, English, Spanish and French

    Research interests

  • The Social Acceleration theory of Hartmut Rosa
  • The History and Philosophy of science and technology
  • Languages in the era of globalization and the Internet
  • The evaluation of information