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Digital competences for educators

In English




In an era where digital technology has revolutionized our daily lives, the role of educators in navigating and leveraging these changes is more crucial than ever. This course is designed to meet the digital needs of teachers and trainers, preparing them for the evolving educational landscape. We delve into technology not just as a tool but as a social phenomenon, empowering educators with the latest digital tools for the classroom. The course encompasses modern teaching methodologies and explores the dynamic and increasingly vital role of teachers in our complex world. A key aspect of this program is the practical application of all concepts through the use of Artificial Intelligence programs and platforms, ensuring that participants are well-equipped to integrate these innovations into their teaching strategies.

Learning objectives

At the end of this course the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the current state of “technology in education” in Europe
  • Explain the social impact of technology
  • Analyze the complexity created by the independence of technology
  • Develop and edit text and image using the latest digital tools
  • Develop and edit sound and video using the latest digital tools
  • Apply the SAMR method to design lesson plans
  • Appreciate the advantages of new technologies
  • Critically accept the accelerated technological change
  • Embrace the new role of educators in a complex and instable world.

Program of course

Day 1 8.30-14.00
Welcome presentation.
The education system of Cyprus
Analysis of European reports on education.
Analysis of the main European goals: Digital, Green, Inclusion.
The European Digital Competence Framework: SELFIE for teachers.

Day 2 8.30-14.00
Outdoor learning Methodology (includes outdoor visit)
Practical Skills
1. Developing content: Image
2. Privacy and Security on social networks
3. Project based learning: Automatic creation of images. Creation of enhanced presentations and infographics

Day 3 8.30-14.00
Analysis of technology as a social phenomenon.
The SAMR methodology for introducing technology in education.
Practical Skills
1. Develop lesson plans based on SAMR methodology
2. Developing content: Text.
3. The validation of information

Day 4 8.30-14.00
Latest technologies: Smart City (includes outdoor visit)
Practical Skills
1. Holistic examination of problems: connecting the green and the digital; the carbon footprint of digital technology.
2. Sustainability. Sustainable art.
3. Developing podcasts and creating music

Day 5 8.30-14.00
Latest technologies: AI, Big Data
Empowering the user.
Practical Skills
1. Developing content: How to create educational videos
2. The flipped classroom, PD through online learning
3. The future: Ethics in AI

Target audience

Teachers and trainers (primary, secondary, vocational, adult).


Mr Georgios Charalambous will be the principal instructor of this course. Mr Charalambous has a rich experience in teaching ICT to students of all ages. He holds an Engineering degree from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece and an MA in Adult Learning and Global Change from the Linköping University, Sweden.

Language of the seminar


Cost of seminar

400 euros per participant (80 euros/day/participant)

Practical details

The cost of the seminar includes coffee breaks. The cost of the lunches is not included. Lunches, hotel/apartment and travelling from/to airports are the responsibility of the participants.

Please follow this link to learn about air transport, bus, and taxi in order to reach us more easily. Some hotel recommendations are also included.

In case of disabled participants please contact us