Courses that are suitable for teachers of Primary and secondary education. These are the online version of our ERASMUS+ KA1 courses.

We propose this course to you BECAUSE we know the problems in the modern European school and BECAUSE we have the solutions.

1.      You are so hardworking and productive but you don’t communicate well your work to the local community. We will show you how to do that.

2.      You don’t systematically build trust with your “clients” (the parents and students) and you don’t try to maintain that relation. We will help you achieve that.

3.      You do so many things but you don’t have a strategy. We will help you develop one.

4.      All your teachers are good in their subject but they fail in teaching with technology. We will help your teachers overcome their fears and see technology in a new creative way.

At the end of this course:

·         You will learn what is the “Digital” in Digital Marketing

·         You will learn what we mean by “Marketing” in Digital Marketing

·         You will learn by doing

o   How to setup a webpage

o   How to start a blog

o   How to manage social media

o   How to create social media campaigns

·         How to develop content:

o   With text

o   With images

o   With sound

o   With video