How to reach us


Companies that travel directly to Paphos (please check as changes occur)

Easyjet from London (daily)
Ryanair from London (daily), Thessaloniki (daily), Milan, Rome, Vienna, Berlin, Stockholm, Tallinn, Kaunas, Riga, Bratislava, Budapest, Bucharest and other cities
Transavia (from Amsterdam)
Aegean (from Athens)
Contor (from Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Leipzig/Halle)

Companies that fly to Larnaca

Aegean, Wiz, British, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Swiss, Austrian, Norwegian, Czech, LOT, Cyprus airways and more.



Larnaca city buses (LARNACA-LARNACA AIRPORT)
Paphos city buses

Arriving at Paphos airport

You can come to Paphos center

  • by city bus starting 7.30 am
  • by Taxi (about 25 euro day price). Avoid taking a taxi from the airport; it is much better if you book a taxi in advance.
Arriving at Larnaca aiport

From Larnaca you have the following options:

  • take a bus to Larnaca (Finikoudes)
    • From Larnaca (Finikoudes) take an Intercity bus to Limassol (Agios Georgios Havouza stop) and from there take an Intercity bus to Paphos.
    • From Larnaca (Finikoudes) take an Intercity bus directly to Paphos (rare line)
  • come to Paphos by Taxi (about 120 euro day price)
  • Take the airport shuttle KAPNOS that will take you to Paphos Airport (NOT Paphos city center). Only three/four times a day. Be aware that if you take the 4.15am shuttle you arrive at Paphos airport at about 5.30am and the first bus to the city center is at 7.30am.

Traveling from Paphos

During the week of the course if you want to travel from Paphos to other places

  • during the afternoon you only have time for Limassol (Intercity buses) and Polis Crysochou (Special line). All buses start from Karavella station.
  • If you want to visit Nicosia you need one whole day. Take the Intercity bus. All buses start from Karavella station.



Paphos is a city about 3 Km from the sea shore. In the city of Paphos there are only few hotels. Please check on We would recommend AXIOTHEA, 10-15 minutes walk from our Institute.

Kato Paphos is the name of the touristic area where you can find many hotels and apartments. They are about 3-4 km from our Institute and you will need one or two buses to reach us or take a taxi (about 12 euros). They are near the sea though. Please check and compare as places to stay are available in a great variety.

Please always check AIRBNB. It is possible to find the perfect place to stay very close to our Institute.